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Hi, I'm Eric Cervantes, I'm a junior Programmer that is attending Base Camp Coding Academy. I grew up in Mississippi, but I am always open for a change of pace and a new environment.

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My Skills

These are some of the languages and frameworks that I've learned and this will continue to be updated as I learn more.

Python HTML tag Django JavaScript Java SQL Spring

My Projects


Pokemon Battler

This was my first group project, I was in charge of making the battle itself. Navigate to the Pokeball, choose your starter, and try your best to beat the wild encounter.

Language: Python



In this group project we made code that allows you to make code. I worked on the edit feature and the commands.

Language: Python


Word Game

A slight word game I made based off of a car game that I would play when driving long distances with friends

Language: Python



Recently the password manager LastPass was hacked and there were serveral breaches in security. Seeing that inspired me to create my own password manager. In term so of security, it stands no chance against hackers, but it was a good experience.

Language: Django


Penguin Financing

Originally FirstPass was meant to be a Finance manager. I kept the idea and made Penguin Financing, this allows you to edit a balance; keep track of stocks; and even keep track of subscriptions.

Language: Django

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